What Happens Daily

A Day at Zoey's

Our cooks begin the day with cleaning and food preparation. Our cooks are from the local village and their children are Zoey's Friends. These women are incredibly hard working and dedicated. They love what they do and enjoy working with the children. The job they have at Zoey's Place enables them to provide for their own families, something they struggled with before Zoey's Place.

The school aged children are required to go to school Monday through Friday. Our managers check the children's school attendance and their progress weekly. We feel that education is vital to their development and future. Many of Zoey's Friends were not attending school before they entered our program.

Each day, the preschool age children start preschool activities around 10:00am and are fed at 12:00pm.  The school age children begin arriving at the centers around 1:00 p.m.  The children bless their food, roll is called, they wash their hands, get their plates and eat their meal.  After finishing their meal, the children rinse their plates. The older children are very good about helping the little ones.

After the clean up is complete, the school age children begin their after school tutoring. The tutoring is done by the secondary students, which is overseen by the managers. There is a curriculum that is followed and any child that is struggling with a particular subject in school will get one on one help with that subject. The subject matter varies daily which includes life skills and Bible study.

Each day the children are fed one nutritious meal at Zoey's Place consisting of the following:


Rice or Nsima (Nsima is a dish made from maize flour and water and is a staple food in Malawi);


Beans, Soya, and Eggs.


Tomatoes, onions and greens.