How We Help

How We Help

Zoey’s Place will ensure that an orphan is placed in a loving family within their village and will provide the child’s daily necessities that will enable the child to live a sustainable and healthy life, through . . .


A daily nutritious meal


The ability for the child to attend school, including school supplies, school fees and uniforms


After school tutoring for school age children

Bible Lessons

Bible lessons and songs

Life Skills

Training in life skills trade (farming, livestock, sewing, etc.)

Hygiene Products

A monthly supply of hygiene products

Zoey’s Place Benefits

Zoey’s Place also benefits the local village in a number of ways including

Clean Water

Provides the community with clean drinking water

Free Clinics

Occasional free clinics

Employment Opportunities

Various employment opportunities for villagers

Parent/Guardian Classes

Occasional parent/guardian classes


Allows the local churches and village to have activities in our facility at no cost

Buying Locally

Buying as many supplies/services as possible locally so that we are pouring as much into the economy of our children’s home villages