The Vision

The Vision

Malawi, Africa is home to over 1,400,000 orphans. In remote villages, these children are incredibly vulnerable to starvation, disease, neglect, and abandonment which all lead to a high mortality rate for Malawian orphans.

Our Vision is to see the eternity of these orphans transformed by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to assist in meeting their basic necessities in such a way that they are able to live their lives to the Glory of God.'

Our Mission Statement: Zoey’s Place seeks to provide the basic necessities that might be missing from a vulnerable orphan’s life, primarily being the gospel of Jesus Christ and proper nutrition. These children are known as “Zoey’s Friends.”

Five Guiding Principles of Zoey’s Place

Zoey’s Place will daily distribute food to orphans (“Zoey’s Friends”)

Who are Zoey’s Friends? – a child with no living parents or a child with only one living parent in need. One nutritious meal and clean water will be provided daily to these children.

Matthew 25:40 “the least of these”

Zoey’s Place Orphan Care Centers will be located in remote, vulnerable areas with no presence of orphan care.

Zoey’s Place will utilize the local Baptist churches

Zoey’s Place will provide church members the opportunity to contribute labor, goods, or money to Zoey’s Place as well as be involved with the spiritual development of Zoey’s Friends. Priority will be given to RHBC church plants for future Zoey’s Place locations that meet certain criteria.

Zoey’s Place will strive to be self sustaining

Zoey’s Place will grow and raise as much of the food as possible for feeding so that only minimal supplemental food is needed. Our Donors’ financial role will be to initiate the center and build the necessary infrastructure and fill in the gaps as necessary.

Zoey’s Place will be concerned with Spiritual Growth of Zoey’s Friends

Zoey’s Place will provide evangelism, a biblical life foundation, and nurture their spiritual growth.